Origin Story

Anej Skin Studio is a result driven aesthetic atelier located in Yardley, Pennsylvania.  Its founder, Jena Salzano, takes the traditions of old world techniques and integrates them with innovative approaches to skin health.  

The Anej experience begins with a consultation with Jena or one of her extensively trained estheticians to assess your skin’s needs to reveal your best complexion.  

A holistic approach to skincare paired with state of the art technologies, and facial sculpting massage work in tandem to achieve unparalleled results.

In addition to using a curated collection of active ingredients in cabin, clients leave with a hyper personalized home regimen to promote growth and forever lead the skin to its ideal state.

While facials are the cornerstone of Anej Skin Studio, please visit our menu to view a selection of beauty and wellness services.

Anej Team

2022 Skincare REBOOT

We think a Gua Sha treatment in the new year is a great way to reset and detox the skin.  After indulging in the holiday season the skin needs clearing. This treatment enables renewal of the lymph, activates circulation, stimulates cell activity, and aides in the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

We love Aura’s Inner Balance Powder to restore the skin from the inside out. This powder is available in our shop and is a restorative blend that combines the gut-health benefits of pre/probiotics with hearty greens, liver tonics, and adaptogenic herbs, all working together to replenish healthy nutrients, restore balance and strengthen your resiliency to underpin your overall well being and longevity.

For the ultimate new year skin rejuvenation we recommend our “Full Spectrum Magnifique.”  This innovative treatment is a work-out for your facial muscles that will have you starting 2022 with the most incredible lift. Please visit our menu to preview the FULL SPECTRUM MAGNIFIQUE and PETITE MAGNIFIQUE under high tech treatments.