Anej Facials

Anej Bespoke Facial

60 min | 170 USD

Our  hyper-personalized Bespoke Facial combines years of experience with facial muscle manipulation and highly active ingredients to reveal a radiant visage. Results driven and meticulously designed, this treatment caters to the individual.

À La Carte Enhancements

Clients may wish to select an enhancement at booking or during skin analysis estheticians may make a recommendation to maximize results.

Dermaplaning | 80 USD

Extended Facial Massage | 50 USD

Parisian Glow Masque | 60 USD

Ice Seaweed Mask | 60 USD

LED with Negative Ion Therapy | 80 USD

Microcurrent | 110 USD

Microdermabrasion | 80 USD

Swiss Collagen Mask | 140 USD

Ultrasound | 110 USD

Seconde Peau | 330 USD 


Intra-Oral Restructuring Facial

60 min | 300 USD

This elite European treatment is the equivalent of a holistic facelift also known as the “Buccal Facial.” Ideal for anyone who is looking for a lifted youthful contour without the use of injectables. The esthetician concentrates on the three natural lines of the face including mouth, jaw and cheek deeply massaging topically and intra orally. This powerful sculpting technique tones the facial muscles and structure both inside and out for relaxation, lymphatic drainage and instant visible effects. This is a silent service for both provider and guest. To receive the Intra-Oral Facial the client must be free of botulinum toxin and filler ten weeks prior to service due to the depth of the massage on the muscular framework.

Gua Sha Facial Fusion x FUTURE

60 min | 200 USD

 90 min | 300 USD

Gua Sha Facial Fusion is a next level facial therapy that brings about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing stagnation and accumulation in the channels, enabling the renewal of the lymph, activating circulation, stimulating cell activity, and the regeneration of the facial tissue. We marry this Gua Sha facial with a synergistic collection of products by FUTURE, a ritualistic folk medicine brand, that is powerful yet gentle enough to rebalance the skin and solve almost any skin condition to bring skin to ultimate wellness.
If you choose our extended Gua Sha facial your experience will include herbal Poltice. These gentle tools are steamed to soften and release the benefits of therapeutic herbs. Specifically developed to work the facial muscles to reduce puffiness, tone, sculpt, and lift.

Valmont x Anej

60 min | 330 USD

Experience Valmont’s signature butterfly facial massage for revitalized skin. Using Swiss glacial spring water and plant extracts this anti aging ritual stimulates the vascular system and finishes with a regenerating collagen mask for a radiant and refreshed visage.

Modern Peel

110 USD

Series of six 530 USD

The Modern Peel restores skin to its healthiest state while still preserving the epidermis. This chemical exfoliation is customized to create micro-level to noticeable epidermal peeling. For optimal results we recommend a series of 6 treatments every 10 days.

Back Detox​

45 min | 130 USD

Specifically designed for anyone who struggles with breakouts and clogged pores in this difficult to reach area. Skin is left deeply cleansed and hydrated.

Biologique Recherche Treatments

The Biologique Recherche methodology is based on unique and personalized skin care protocols adapted to the Skin Instant©.  Biologique Recherche, a revolutionary skincare  line, focuses on Parisian massage techniques paired with raw cold pressed ingredients to restore and perfect the skin.  Cryo-therapy, featuring highly active ingredients, leaves your skin illuminated with the cult acclaimed BR glow.

Le Remodeling Face

60 min | 280 USD

90 min | 400 USD

The Remodeling Face combines the power of an electric current with the power of Biologique Recherche products, a combination that can invigorate the skin by stimulating epidermal cells. The face neck and décolleté will benefit from increased volume with a sculpted jaw. While the eyes will appear wider, toned, and more youthful. It revitalizes the epidermis visibly from the very first session. The results are lasting and cumulative. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and the application of specific products at home, the results last even longer. In addition to the electric currents, our ninety minute treatment includes the Parisian manual lift.

Le Lift

60 min | 240 USD​

A reconditioning treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the epidermis. In addition, facial muscles are stimulated to lift and redefine the skin of your face, neck and decollete.

Suitable for all Skin Instants©

Le Exfoliation

60 min | 240 USD

A revitalizing treatment for clearer and more beautiful skin.  This rigorous exfoliation is highly customizable and can be a gentle slough for the skincare novice or more potent for resilient skin; promoting cell regeneration.

Suitable for wrinkled, dull, hyperpigmented, scarred, and keratinized Skin Instants©

Le Oxyge’ne

60 min | 240 USD

A treatment to detoxify and invigorate the epidermis while reoxygenating the skin tissues that are choked by urban pollution.  The complexion gains an incredible glow and bursts with radiance.

Suitable for dull Skin Instants©

Le Deux

90 min | 330 USD

A highly personalized marriage of sculpting movements and application of elite ingredients of any BR facial; this treatment heeds results for the ultimate skin care connoisseur. 

Suitable for all Skin Instants©

Seconde Peau

90 min Including Remodeling Face Machine | 500 USD

30 min Enhancement | 330 USD

Seconde Peau is an electrospun mask strip made up of 80% Hyaluronic Acid of medical origin. Customized strips are expertly applied to areas of concern while this highly active agent instantly stimulates collagen production and reduces the depth of lines.  The result is an immediate tightening effect and the perfect prep for an upcoming event. Can complement facial fillers or used alone as a holistic approach to eliminating signs of aging. For the ultimate lift this 90 minute treatment accompanies the remodeling face machine or add to any facial to increase the skin’s volume. 

High Tech Treatments

Full Spectrum IonixLight®

90 min | 450 USD

Series of six 2250 USD

The Full Spectrum IonixLight® is the most sophisticated of all devices for full skin rejuvenation. Non-invasive and zero downtime, this treatment will leave you with the most magnificent skin. This treatment includes a custom blend of modalities, diamond dermabrasion, microcurrent, oxygen therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency, and a LED panel with negative ion therapy. The IonixLight® tightens and tones the skin in a whole new way with striking results. We recommend a series of 6 for maximum benefits.

Oxylight® Facial

60 min | 330 USD

The Oxylight® Facial is the petite version of the IonixLight® experience. Not just Oxygen and Light. At its core the Oxylight® uses five modalities in concert including: Oxygen Therapy, LED, Microcurrent, Ultrasound, and Diamond Abrasion. This facial combines all best science-backed treatments, into one amazing session.  

Thermatone Facial

80 min | 370 USD

Series of six 1800 USD

The ultimate facial for skin tightening combines our signature facial sculpting massage with radio frequency. Using non-invasive technology, the Thermatone gently heats the facial tissue to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers on a sub dermal level restoring the skin’s firmness. The outcome is a taut visage along with added definition to face, neck and jaw. For optimal results we recommend a series of six. 

Glass O2 Dome Facial

75 min | 300 USD

Hailing from Korea this hyperbaric chamber encapsulates the face, neck, and decollete providing internal and external benefits for the skin and overall well being. Purified oxygen, anions, and infused serums heal damaged cells, stimulate collagen, kill surface bacteria, and boost the immune system. The final result is plumped, even, glass-like skin. 

Body Sculpting

Our philosophy on the benefits of holistic therapies alongside active ingredients and globally influenced massage redefines the way Anej does body.  Our coveted body treatments use handwork and hightech devices. They are result oriented and designed to target specific areas of concern including abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, back, upper arm and buttocks. Our offering of body treatments utilizing handwork are each available in Petite 60 min. Demi 90 min. and Grande 120 min. The longer the duration of the session the more targeted areas can be included. Our High Tech Corps sculpts one area of the body per session. A series of six are recommended alongside a healthy lifestyle for optimal results.

Package prices available upon request.

Le Lift Corps

Petite | 250 USD

Demi | 380 USD

Grande | 500 USD

Your entire body will first be awakened with an application of Lotion P50 Corps accelerating  youthful cell renewal. Using micronized algae and parisian pinching practices, your body therapist’s handwork achieves optimum lift in your desired areas of concern. You will then be led to a luxurious private shower, where upon your return a curated blend of oils and creams will be applied to attain lift, hydration, and overall tone. 

A body treatment ideal for those seeking an extensive exfoliation to lift and to restore elasticity.

High Tech Corps

380 USD

A body contouring system using a high tech device with multiple modalities to achieve your perfect form. Beginning with cavitation, the hand held sends ultrasonic waves to localized fat cells to dilute and liquify before radio frequency is applied to improve texture, build collagen and restore elastin. Vacuum therapy finishes this system by accelerating the elimination of the fat through the lymphatic system. Gentle massage vacuums the skin and promotes well being of the body.

Sculpt Corps

Petite | 250 USD

Demi | 380 USD

Grande | 500 USD

After a full body application of Lotion P50 Corps this body contouring treatment begins with a belly welcome massage. This massage incorporates signature hand motions to  work the digestive channels to cinch the waist and reduce bloating. Italian massage is then targeted on desired areas of the body to encourage fat breakdown and eliminate stored water. The effects of this prestigious handwork is a sculpted silhouette. A silicone body glove finishes this treatment for maximum product penetration and microcirculation.

This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to slim, reduce cellulite, and eliminate toxins.

Wood Therapy

180 USD

Derived from Columbia, this therapy incorporates wooden instruments and massage to sculpt, reduce cellulite, and improve the body’s proportions.

*This can be done as an à la carte enhancement with any full-body massage treatment. 100 USD

Vacuum Therapy BBL

130 USD

A non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift that incorporates vacuum therapy to promote a rounder shaped more lifted buttocks.

*This can be done as an à la carte enhancement. 100 USD


Anej Bespoke Massage

60 min | 150 USD

90 min | 210 USD

Invite balance and healing to your whole body.  Hyper customized in every way, and globally influenced, the Anej Bespoke Massage targets trigger points to release stress and loosens tight muscles with assisted stretching. Feel enveloped in relaxation as tailored essential oils soothe your every need.

Prenatal Massage

60 min | 170 USD

At Anej we prioritize the wellness of the mother during her pregnancy. Water retention, tired legs, and inflammation are just a few effects your vessel experiences as it carries new life. Feel calmness and relief in these areas while harmonizing both energies of mother and baby in this massage. We recommend this therapy during the second and third trimester but consult your physician with any and all treatments during your pregnancy.

Himalayan Stone Therapy

90 min | 230 USD

Far from an ordinary stone massage, these warm Himalayan salt stones bring serenity along with relief and renewal through their healing properties. Detoxification in the muscle, lowered blood pressure, and improved circulation are among the many benefits. Deep relaxation aids in relieving anxiety and even addresses insomnia. Also promoting sinus and respiratory health this multifaceted massage relaxes and restores from the inside out.

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage

90 min | 250 USD

Herbal poultice utilizes the penetration of deep heat and medicinal herbs and has long been practiced as a traditional Thai body treatment. This technique of heat and herbs is absorbed into the body where pain is then reduced, circulationstimulated, and detoxification occurs. With roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and Buddhism it is a distinct system of bodywork which puts the client in a state of complete and total relaxation, and produces an increased flow of healing energy.

Jet Lag

90 min | 300 USD

This exclusive treatment from Biologique Recherche is the first of its kind to combine both face and body in one anti-fatigue session. Beginning with their Parisian signature belly massage the gut is awakened before manipulating the legs with oils to promote detoxification and drainage. The legs are then wrapped in gauze to compress and relieve heavy sensations followed by cryotherapy to further drain and eliminate water retention. Finally, a visit to the face and eye for a focused remedy. Alleviate signs of fatigue including puffiness, dark circles and fine lines and achieve an awakened feeling and aesthetic. Perfect for the jet setter, someone with tired heavy legs or anyone looking for the ultimate in rejuvenation.

À La Carte Enhancements

Clients may wish to select an enhancement at booking or during consultation therapists may make a recommendation to maximize results.


100 USD

A holistic and ancient therapy, cupping uses the power of suction to aid in health and wellness throughout the body. Based on your consultation your therapist intentionally maneuvers the cups along trigger points for internal relief and external release.

Le Capillaire

80 USD

Discover the healthiest scalp and hair with this invigorating scalp treatment. Beginning with an exfoliation, P50 Capillaire assists in awakening and  purifying the scalp. This treatment ends with a nourishing hair oil ultimately leading to healthier hair. 

Full Spectrum Flower Rub

40 USD

The most soothing and powerful muscle flower rub you can find. Aided with beautiful organic essential oils, Whipped Coconut Oil and a Terpene blend, the 600mg of flower will quickly target your pain and tension so you can have a mind body vibe out.

P50 Gommage

120 USD

An ala carte massage enhancement perfect for anyone experiencing dry skin and desires a full body glow. This Parisian mechanical exfoliation contains high levels of BR’s cult favorite lotion P50 and is the perfect precursor to any massage.

*This can be done as a stand-alone treatment. 120 USD




Lash Tinting

60 USD

Our lash tint is a semi permanent vegetable based dye and lasts approximately 4 weeks leaving the lashes bolder, darker and more defined.

Anej Lush Lash Lift

150 USD

Our lash lift is a dream for a low maintenance high definition eye. Once discussing a desired lash style your lashes are curled with a silk infused solution to not only nurture the lash but to extend it from root to tip. Next a custom tint is applied to achieve a bold lash. Your result is a striking eye that lasts about 6 weeks.


Brow Tinting

30 USD

Our brow tint is a semi permanent vegetable based dye and lasts approximately 4 weeks leaving the brows fuller, darker and more defined.

Brow Shaping

30 USD

This service is a full tweeze for those with ultra-sensitive skin who are looking for an alternative to waxing.

Anej Brow Lift

110 USD

Brow Lift AKA Brow Lamination is the beauty treatment you never knew you needed. Hailing from Europe and taking the beauty scene by storm, this noninvasive procedure uses a special keratin solution to smooth and lift the brows. It even adds shine. These fuller, bolder, fluffier brows last about 6 weeks. Our formula is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested.

Hair Removal

Our hair removal treatment is a botanical based solution that is safe for the entire body and face.  This anti-bacterial, anti-microbial gold standard never sticks to the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

Eyebrow | 30 USD

Lip | 20 USD

Chin | 20 USD

Cheeks | 20 USD


Underarm | 30 USD

Arm | 60 USD

Stomach | 40 USD

Back | 70 USD


Modest Bikini | 40 USD

French Bikini | 50 USD

Brazilian Bikini | 80 USD

Leg | 90 USD


Astrological Intuitive Guidance

75 min | 222 USD

Gleaming insight from the unique moment each of us took our first breath Allison explores one’s birth chart to question, answer and provide clarity to each individual journey. Harnessing influence from the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies Allison offers her spiritual guidance and what emerges is an inner confidence to trust one’s own decisions and personal navigation through life’s journey.

*This can be done as a virtual session 222 USD

Holistic Energy Session

75 min | 222 USD

Reach a higher state of consciousness through guided meditation, metaphysical modalities, and intuitive guidance. Clarity and peace follow this energetic alignment. Whether you seek stress relief or support in life’s transitions, holistic energy can offer the shift needed to restore connection to your highest self.

Consultations and Classes

The Skin Consult

100 USD

Anej’s innovative skin consult begins with a skin assessment and an in-depth questionnaire including questions about current skincare routine, diet and lifestyle.  Whether you are looking  to develop or revamp your regime “The Skin Consult” leaves you with all the tools to achieve your goals. Following your consultation, an esthetician will email a prescribed product assortment, along with use instructions, as well as in cabin services.

Pricing includes $50 toward any shop purchase

The Virtual Master Class

60 min | 150 USD

The Master Class is for the skincare enthusiast who is looking for pro tips on how to advance their skincare routine through virtual face to face instruction.  Our brands are to be prescribed and positioned in a specific way and the application technique makes all the difference. Whether you are a newbie looking for proper BR P50 application or an Environ devotee looking to level up your C-Quence system we have you covered.  Classes are based on individual concerns including CIT rolling, facial massage, a deep dive into your vanity etc.

In-House Bridal Consult

300 USD

Invite Anej to be part of your special day with our premiere bridal consultation service. Anej brides meet with our founder Jena to establish all beauty and wellness goals leading up to your big day. Whether you’re looking for a monthly facial regime, a fluffy brow, body contouring, massage for stress or silkier skin the bridal consult will address and help achieve all your goals. Following the consult a hyper-customized timeline of services as well as product recommendations and intended application is curated for the bride.

Full cost of consultation to be used towards product or service.



Cost of treatments with Anej Skin Studio founder, Jena Salzano, are not listed.
Please contact us for particulars on pricing.